Something Sweet

Aside from marrying the man of my dreams (and he really is), I am looking forward to our ice cream bar at the reception.  As the sign states: I love ice cream!

This weekend, I finally got to start working on it.  We have rented a soft serve machine, I ordered these cute little ice cream paper sundae cups and long spoons.  I still haven’t figured out the containers for the sprinkle-on toppings, but did decide on these large squeeze bottles for the sauces:

diy ice cream bar

I wanted them large (32 ounces) so they would last the onslaught. I purchased a case (12 bottles) for $25 on Amazon, and therefore made back-up bottles so the ice cream bar can be restocked quickly.

diy ice cream bar sauce

No great mystery on the labels.  I cut 12×12 paper to 6 inches, wrapped it around the bottle and secured with double sided tape.  I wrapped a ribbon around the center (again with double sided tape) and put the label directly over the seam of the ribbon.

So now, I buy the sauce in bulk, fill up these lovely bottles, and get ready to eat lots of ice cream!