Cake and Dessert, yum.

I finally finished our cake and dessert stand–yippee!

diy cake standdiy cake stand 2diy wedding cake standdiy wedding cake stand 4

Made from this old broken down brass chandelier:

2013-07-08 15.53.51

Although it didn’t take all that long, I did hit a few bumps along the way.   We will only have a 2-tier wedding cake to sit on top in the middle, but I wanted it to be extra stable, so I added the four posts around the center.  I used 1/4″ dowel rods.

The top round is made from a 12″ unfinished wood round with a hole drilled in the center (it came that way, it is for a diy clock). I then glued a 14″ cake board on top of it so I will have room to put flowers around our cake.  I drilled holes about a .3″ deep into the top wood piece to hold the dowels (and wood glue).  I repeated the drill holes on a bottom wood piece.  This way, the center isn’t taking all the weight and prevents swaying & wobbling.

The smaller rounds are 8″ and made from pre-made wood plaques (1/2 inch thick).

I used decorative papers and ribbon, plus strung glass & pearl beads all around.  I tested the weight on the middle, it will easily hold 50lbs with little wobble.  At 40 lbs  it is extremely stable.

So happy to have this one done!

2013-09-02 16.31.33 chandelier cake stand


2 thoughts on “Cake and Dessert, yum.

  1. Your cake stand is incredibly gorgeous. I have been following your blog to get myself organized. I panicked the first time I saw your blog because I had almost nothing done like you and my wedding is a month before yours! Thank you so much for your blog. You might have kept yourself organized but you did the same for me too : ))

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