Shoes, Strass & Pearls

So I have never been into shoes.  I care if the color matches what I’m wearing and if they are comfortable. But, I saw another crafter strass her shoes in pearls and I said “want.”

No way am I wearing 4-5″ heels on the big day, but I didn’t want flats either (I’m only 5’3″).  I specifically looked for one inch heels, but had trouble finding them until I hit the girls section of the department store (subtract two from your woman’s U.S. size and that is your girl’s size).I found these little girl shoes on clearance for $10. Let the strass experiment begin!before strassdiy pearl strass in progress

First to go was the little cutesy hear buckle on the front.  I replaced it with a green and pearl brooch. Then E-6000 glue, a little gem setter (stick with a wax ball on the end) and paper plate full of different size pearl flat backs (2, 3, 4, 5, & 8mm rounds, a few oblongs, and some rhinestones 4-6mm). Overall, it took about 2000 flat backs and 1 tube of glue to do these size 6 (girls size 4) shoes.

DIY pearl strass shoes diy pearl strass shoes 2DIY pearl strass shoes 42013-07-22 12.57.59

So comfortable and my first pair of really, really special shoes.  I wish I was a better photographer so it would show how sparkly they are.


Shoes (preferably not patent leather)

Flat backs in various styles and sizes to your preference

Skewer (or small pointy stick) to adjust/move flat backs around

E-6000 glue

Gem setter (or a stick with some dried glue on the end for picking up the flat backs from a tray/plate).

DIY pearl strass shoes 3


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