What Can You do with 1000 Cranes?

So after I finished folding 1000 cranes, it was time to wire them for the centerpieces.  This took as long as the folding, which I didn’t expect.  Rather easy, and I really, really like the look.

1000 cranes centerpiece 2013-05-28 11.22.14

Some are wired to go up the curly willow-ish stems, while some are wired to drop down & out from the vase.

This is what they look like in my centerpiece (still a work in progress):

Paper flower and crane centerpiece1000 crane centerpiece 2

[the large paper flower tutorial is here]

The Materials:

crane centerpiece tutorial

Origami Paper Cranes   (can be less than 1000 🙂  )

Floral wire in desired color (I used silver and green)

Craft beads in various sizes (be sure to buy ones that will fit your wire!)

Sticks-I tend to use ones from my yard, but curvy willow looks nice too.

Tools: round nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, round object like a pencil (to form the curls in the wire between cranes)

{{{The cat is optional}}}

The Process:

[Note: these are the directions for the dropping down cranes, the process is reversed for the “up” cranes]

Cut your wire to length.  I found that every 3 feet of wire gave me about 1 -1.5 feet of curly strung cranes.  This is a bit trial & error depending on the look you want and how many cranes you are wiring.

Using your round nose pliers (or round object) make a decorative end to your wire.  You will need at least a loop to hold the bead.

2013-05-28 10.48.48 2013-05-28 10.52.09

String a few beads and then your  smallest size crane. There is a natural hole at the bottom of the crane, but you’ll have to poke the wire through the top. It felt like I was killing them.

diy crane centerpiece 3 diy crane centerpiece 4

String another bead and then using your round nose pliers make a loop as close to the bead as you can to hold everything in place.

diy crane centerpiece 5

Using your round object, twist the wire around so you have 3-4 loose loops and about an inch of space. I used two different sizes for my loops to add some interest.

diy crane centerpiece 8 diy crane centerpiece 6

Again using your round nose pliers, make a closed loop.  String another bead, crane, bead….repeat until you are about 8 inches from the end of your wire.

diy crane centerpiece 7

To finish off, make your loops with a round object, a closed loop with the round nose, string a few beads, and then secure with final closed loop.  You should have a few inches of straight wire left to attach to your stick.

2013-05-28 11.01.51 2013-05-28 11.03.03 2013-05-28 11.08.12 2013-05-28 11.08.34 2013-05-28 11.06.34diy paper flower crane centerpiece 2diy paper flower  centerpiece 2diy paper flower centerpiece 3


4 thoughts on “What Can You do with 1000 Cranes?

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  2. I like this idea.. Maybe have the cranes in the colour theme of your event? I would definitely be getting my friends’ kids to help me make them – Have a craft day on a rainy day.

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