Quick DIY for that “Personal Touch”

Here are two very quick, very easy, and very inexpensive DIY projects for the wedding.

Send-Off Ribbon Wands:

2013-04-20 07.55.59

ribbon wands 1


For the ribbon wands,  buy craft sticks at least 12 inches long (e.g., round dowels).  I bought them at a craft store in packages of 20 for  $0.70 a package.  Cut ribbon in your colors so they are a few inches longer than the dowel and run the edges over a candle flame (quickly) to melt it slightly (this will keep it from fraying).  Simply  tie 2-4 ribbons near the top of the dowel.  Use a dot of hot glue to secure the ribbon to the wand.  You can add bells by threading a thinner ribbon through the bell before tying off.  I also added a small bead (hair braiding bead) over the ribbon knot for decoration only.

Cost:  Under $15 for the sticks and ribbon for 175 send off wands.

Time: If you have cats, about 6 hours to make all of them.  Without cats, about 2 hours.

BTW: Cats love the ribbon wands.  And–There is no mess to clean up at your venue.

Cocktail Stirrers for Champagne (Cocktail Hour)

DIY drink stirrersdiy cocktail stirrers duct tape

These were made simply from duct tape (yes, another use for duct tape) and plastic stirrers.  We’ll have 150-ish glasses set up on a table with champagne and pomegranate juice for guests to pick up immediately following the ceremony.  Probably raspberry and kiwi slices instead of blueberries though, but I take the picture of what I have.

Cost: $3 for a roll of duct tape, $1 for 250 plastic stirrers.  I still have lots of tape and stirrers left.

Time: An hour-ish.

Signature Cocktail Stirrers (for the reception):

So a brief explanation.  We decided to name our signature drinks after our cats.  We are NOT having a cat themed wedding, we just wanted a little personal touch.  Besides, their names are funny.  The Gatito Mojito (self explanatory), the Squeak (Vodka, orange juice, club soda, splash of sweet & sour, touch of grenadine), and the Cheechoo (non-alcoholic lime punch).




signature drink stirrerscocktail stirrers diy

These were even easier than the duct tape stirrers.  Just type in your sayings in a 2-colum table in your word processing program (in the first column) and your either your names, date, or in our case a wingding of a cat in the second column. The rows should be about .5 to 1 inch high, and the columns no more than 2 inches.  Print and fold.  Use double sided tape around the plastic or wood stirrer and clip the edges for the flag effect.  I made roughly 300 of these, enough to “flag” the first few drinks by our guests.  After that, I figured the novelty would wear off.

Cost: $3 for 300 plastic “deluxe” stirrers, roll of double sided tape (maybe a $1), about 8 sheets of linen paper

Time: About 1-2 hours depending on what type of paper cutter you have.



signature drink stirrers


The little wingdings are a good representation of our cats.  Pictured left to right: Cheechoo (dumb, simple, sweet), Gatito (prissy, elegant), Squeak (trouble-maker).

window cats 3-28-07 004 copy_2

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1 Down, 159 to go…DIY Wedding Favors

We will be having other favors/take aways at the wedding, but I wanted each guest to have a little something personal (read “handmade”).  Better yet, I wanted to combine the trinket with the escort cards so they would have a little something to open when they got to the table.

And I wanted a little something to help break the ice when people first sit down at their table.

And I refused to spend hundreds of dollars for plastic junk.

So…I made little crochet fortune cookies with specialized “wedding” fortunes (and a thank you from us).  I added the key chain to make it somewhat functional, and we worked hard on humorous sayings (but I won’t post them all here because some of our wedding guests read my blog). If the guest don’t like them/want to keep them, that’s fine.  They’ll have fun getting their fortune and sharing it with others at the table.

Besides, they are mainly serving as Escort Cards, so two things off of my “todo” list.  There are other favors for the guests to enjoy (the candy/popcorn/cookie bar; the photo booth…).

crochet fortune cookie favor

2013-04-14 14.57.15

To wrap them, I decided on the pyramid box template I found here.  Although there are several other types of boxes, I liked these the best, and they are very easy (read: few & easy cuts).

diy pyramid box 9diy wedding favor 11

How to make the crochet fortune cookie

I didn’t invent these and there are many tutorials out there.  It is a crocheted circle, folded in half, sewn up the outside (with a little opening).

Wedding on a Budget has the “pattern” here  Each cookie took about 5-10 minutes to crochet (times 160 guests….)

Make up your “fortunes” and write them in the first column of a two column table in your word processing software. So far, we have about 40 different “fortune” statements so hopefully not too many guests at one table will get the same one.  To make them double sided, in the 2nd column, write your “thank you,” or names, or wedding date, etc.  For the size of my cookies, my columns were 2 inches wide and about a half inch high.  Print them out, fold along the center line (between the two columns), glue the halves together and then cut out.

2013-04-14 18.20.57 fortune cookie sayings 1-2

fortune cookie diyfortune cookie saying diy

Stuff the fortunes in the cookies, attach a key chain finding, and you are done–with this part anyway…

How to make the Escort Card/Favor Pyramid Box

Material: Medium-weight paper (lighter than card stock, heavier than standard copy paper), scissors, glue stick (or double sided tape), ribbon, template, hole punch.

diy pyramid box 1

1. Cut out the template. Fold it in half, and then half again (the other way) so it looks like this:

diy pyramid box 2

This will cut down on the amount of cutting.

2. Lightly fold your medium-weight paper in half, and then half again (the other way) so your template will fit.  Line up the folds on your template with the folds on your paper.  Trace (on the wrong side of the paper so any lines will be inside the box 🙂  This is a light fold–do not crease.

diy pyramid box 3

3. Unfold your paper and punch a hole in the center of each side near the top.

Fold each side toward the punched hole (careful, don’t rip the paper).  It should look like a point 4-sided star.

Next fold each side into the center.  Give a good crease.

2013-04-14 15.27.15 2013-04-14 15.28.02 diy pyramid box 4-6

4.  Glue the folded flaps on one side (triangle) only.  Leave the other three without glue. After all, you want people to open it!

diy pyramid box 7

5. String your ribbon through the holes (I found it easier to do before it was glued shut).  Pull up the three sides and attach to the glued flaps.  This will leave one side for opening their gift.

diy pyramid box 8

6. Put your prize in the box and tie the ribbon to close the box.

7. To make it an escort card, I will attach a tag with the guest name & table number (we don’t even have a final guest list yet).

diy pyramid box 9

Total Cost for 160 wedding favors/escort cards?


Yarn: 3 large skeins @ $3 each = $9

Key Chain Findings: 80 per pack, 2 packs @ $2 each = $4

Paper for Pyramid Boxes: 160 sheets (I bought a 240 sheet scrapbook pack at Michaels for $5 on sale so I have paper left over) = $5

Ribbon: 4 rolls thin ribbon @ $.25 per roll (10 yards) = $1

Total cost in Dollars = $19

Total cost in Time?

20-ish hours to crochet the cookies

10 hours to make the boxes/stuff the cookies/make fortunes, etc.

30-ish easy hours (read: do while watching TV)


Since a lot of these will be left at the table after they served their purpose, the local Human Society will be taking them.  They make great cat toys 🙂